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The Institute of Maritime Studies, Goa has been considered one of the top marine engineering colleges in the field of Indian merchant navy. The marine engineering colleges aim to train students into merchant navy officers who are responsible to look after all machinery and equipment on board a ship.

In this merchant navy college, a student is trained to be a marine engineer who is required to operate, maintain and supervise all the machineries of the engine room of a ship, they also become subscribers to Institute of Marine Engineers. He is also required to maintain all the machineries and equipment on the deck and on the bridge of a ship.

Visiting-Ships-in-Murmogoa-PortHere the merchant navy courses are designed to train students with high skills on how to operate and maintain the machineries used on-board ships. We also guide them in acquiring adequate knowledge on mechanical systems like the power generation systems, main propulsion systems (Up to 110000 kW power output), refrigeration and air conditioning systems, pumps and piping etc.

It is a very proud profession which gives a Seafarer a lot of confidence and ability to think and improvise while working with the machineries. The Institute of Maritime Studies broadly teaches a combination of mechanical, electrical, workshop technology, automation & controls, refrigeration and air-conditioning, metallurgy engineering subjects. In short a student of any marine institute or marine college is a jack of all trades and ends up to be master of all trades after gaining sufficient experience at sea.

A Marine Engineer is a complete Engineer when compared to others because he is confident and capable of doing the most complex of repairs, maintenance and operation of sophisticated and very expensive Marine machineries. So come and be a part of The Institute of Maritime Studies, one of the top ranked maritime training academy in India. To learn about how to join and merchant navy course fees checkout admission for marine engineering.

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Diploma Marine Engineer:- If you are a Diploma Engineer in Mechanical, Marine, Electrical, Electrical and Electronics Streams, Institute of Maritime Studies Goa can help you become a Marine Engineer at par with a Degree Engineer in the Maritime Field. We have an excellent 2 year pre sea course for Diploma Engineers, entailing training in a wide array of topics. This can lead to a glorious life in Indian Merchant Navy. We strive to develop every student in our Institute… Read More

Graduate Marine Engineer:- Institute of Maritime Studies Goa has great expertise in the field of Marine Engineering for students who are already graduate engineers in Mechanical and Naval Architecture streams. For Graduate Engineers we 1 year pre sea course, we welcome you with your contemporary knowledge and   ideas, making learning a two-way process. Our excellent curriculum program entails for outstanding training… Read More


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