Welcome to Institute of Maritime Studies, Goa

imsgoa indian merchant navy instituteWe believe in training students to serve on board Foreign Going ships in the Merchant Navy as Marine Engineers. In the process they become valuable assets of our country. As they become part of Indian merchant navy they are taught to be ambassadors of our country and make all of us proud of their hard work, sincerity and devotion to their profession. Our objectives are to produce good assets to promote Indian Marine Engineers around the world. We facilitate training in various aspects of Marine Engineering. The various areas of training provided to our students are Operation, Maintenance, Supervision of marine machinery and systems, maritime laws, maritime security, search and rescue, environment protection etc. We aim to motivate students that to excel in all these fields of study. The Institute of Maritime Studies, Goa was first certified as an ISO 9002 compliant Maritime Training Institute in September 1999 by IRQS, Mumbai. This was upgraded on August 2002 as ISO 9001:2000. Presently we are an ISO 9001:2008 Maritime Training Institute. Come join the Institute of Maritime Studies, Goa to master the science of marine engineering and make a glorious career in Merchant Navy.






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