Better placement opportunity for cadets passing out from IMS Goa. Cadets passed out from the institute are employed with various Indian / Foreign Shipping companies.

The Shipping Companies participate in the interviews at the time of admission and select the candidates on admission itself.

Following is the list of some major shipping companies regularly employing our Cadets on satisfactory completion of the training.

M/s Wilhelmsen Ship Management, M/s. Anglo Eastern Ship Management Ltd. , M/s. V. Ships Ltd.

Eligibility for Placement

  1. For Graduate Mechanical Engineer Entry Batch ( One year course) :-
  1. Satisfactory completion of the course at IMS,Goa.
  2. On getting exemption from class IV part A examination . This exemption is granted by the Mercantile Marine Departments at Mumbai , Chennai and Kolkata. (Cadets have to obtain this themselves from any of the above centres).
  3. On obtaining Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) from The Shipping Master,Mumbai.(The Institute applies to the Shipping Master,Mumbai for issue of CDC’s for its Cadets on completion of the training.


  1. For Diploma Entry Batches : (Two years Course) :-
  1. Satisfactory completion of the Course at IMS, Goa.
  2. Passing Class IV Part A examination conducted by Mercantile Marine department at Mumbai,Chennai, Kolkata.This exam is presently held every month (except for the month of May) and results take about a month to be announced.
  3. On obtaining Continuous discharge Certificate(CDC) from the Shipping Master , Mumbai (The Institute applies to the Shipping Master, Mumbai for issue of CDC’s for its Cadets on completion of the training.

Join as Trainee Marine Engineer on satisfactory completion of training and passing Class IV Part A Examination conducted by MMD.


A Marine Engineer, unlike other Engineers, has to work with his own hands as well as manage other Engineers and Crew under him.

Onboard a Merchant Vessel, the Engineers have set working hours with a minimum of 8 (Eight) hours of rest between two spells of Duty. However, working hours often stretch to 10-12 hours per day at a stretch especially for Junior Engineers, due to exigencies of work.

It is for this reason that the Profession demands that all fresh entrants should be both physically and mentally strong to face the rigors of sea life.

In addition to tough working conditions, the Marine Engineer has to give his best by way of leadership and comradeship in the adverse condition at sea i.e. during bad weather when, often, a person may not be able to eat / sleep etc. properly for days at a stretch. It is in these conditions that all Engineer Officers on board have to be able to direct and assist their subordinates and ensure that all engineers carry out their duties in the best possible way.

In our endeavor to produce not just good Marine Engineers, but also good seafarers, the Institute selects candidates, who are physically tough, mentally strong and alert and have aptitude for sea life.

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