Marine Engineering Courses for Diploma Engineers

Opportunity for Diploma Engineers To Join Merchant Navy As Marine Engineers

If you are a Diploma Engineer and want to join merchant navy than you have come to right place. Many of the diploma engineers are looking for how to join merchant navy, which is the best marine courses or merchant navy courses for them, what is the procedure for marine engineering admission etc. At Institute of Maritime Studies Goa, we encompass to providing you every detail necessary to get awareness about marine engineering for diploma students.

For Diploma Engineer who have completed their diploma in either Mechanical, Marine, Electrical or Electrical and Electronics Streams, Institute of Maritime Studies Goa provides training to be a Marine Engineer Officer. After completion of this course a DME student joins ship as Trainee Engineer. A Diploma Engineer becomes at par with a Degree Engineer in the Maritime Field. We have an excellent two year pre sea training course in marine engineering for diploma engineers.

Salary structure for merchant navy marine engineers

This course is available for Diploma holders in Mechanical / Electrical/ Marine / Shipbuilding / Electrical and Electronics and Naval Architecture.

The course is of two years duration during which they undergo one year classroom study, 6 months of workshop and 6 months of marine afloat training.

Classroom: The subjects covered in classroom training are as mentioned for Graduate course. In addition to this subject the following subjects are also taught.

  • English: use of grammar, letter composing, reference to context etc.
  • Applied Mechanics: Study of basic mechanical principles involved in operations of various mechanical devices.
  • Thermodynamics and Heat Engine: Study of refrigeration cycle, air-conditioning, heat transfer etc.
  • Mathematics- study of calculus, algebra, statics etc.

Workshop practical training follows the same pattern as per graduate training program.

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