The Institute has its own facilities and shares some laboratories & computer centre with the Institute of Shipbuilding Technology.

Our workshops and laboratories are well equipped to cover the required competencies for practical and laboratory work.


 WORKSHOP – Dedicated facilities for training purposes

Welding & Cutting : 30 Nos welding booths, fully equipped with transformers and other equipment.

Fitting Shop : with 16 Nos. bench vices.

Machine Shop : Equipped with 8 Nos. lathes, milling, shaping and drilling machines.

Marine Shop : Equipped with two Diesel Engines, Oil Purifier, Oily bilge separator, various pumps, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pumps and other Engine Room equipment.

Automation and Control LAB : Equipped with PLC and SCADA Trainer,  PID Control Process Trainer (level, pressure, temperature and flow), Sensor Trainer (speed, light, temperature, level, pressure, flow etc), Semiconductor Trainer, D.C. Motor Trainer, D.C. Generator Trainer, A.C. Motor Trainer, A.C. Generator Trainer and Synchronizing Trainer.

Electrical Control LAB : Electrical contactors and relays for control wiring, Variable frequency drive for motors control,  Electro-pneumatic control trainer, Electro-Hydraulic control trainer.

High Voltage LAB : 6.6Kv High voltage panel, Vaccum circuit breaker, Earthing down, High Voltage Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE), High Voltage testers.

Simulator Training :
1) Camless Engine
2) Engine Room Simulator
3) Welding Simulator
4) Simulated Marine Engineering Drawing
5) Ship Maintenance and Management System


Three air-conditioned classrooms fitted with LCD Projectors and OHP’s.

One air-conditioned Auditorium.



Heat Power Lab:
Orsat Apparatus, Bomb Calorimeter, Redwood Viscometer, Flashpoint apparatus, Tutor models of air conditioning unit, Refrigeration units. Models of Boilers, Diesel engine test rig, 2 stage air Compressor test rig.

Material Testing Lab:
Universal testing machine, Impact testing machine, Brinnel Hardness testing machine, Torsion testing machine, Ultrasonic flaw detector, Magnetic Crack detector, Dye penetrant Kit.

Hydraulic Lab:
Centrifugal pump set , Reciprocating pump set, Pelton wheel test rig, Cut section models of various pumps, air motors & turbines, Hydraulic test bench.

Marine Engineering Lab:
Diesel engine 275 HP Cylinder heads, Pistons and other engine parts, turbocharger, all types of valves, including the quick closing valve, oil cooler, small steering unit, vulcan coupling etc. Fire fighting and life-saving equipment.

Electrical Lab:
Induction Motor tutor, Star Delta starters, Transformer, 3 phase loading Rheostat, Phase sequence indicator, Megger, Flux meter, DC compound motor for direct loading test, Cable testing & fault finding kit, Instrumental trainer kit, Digital IC function tester, Thermocouple test rig.

Electronic Lab:
Oscilloscope, Logic probe, TV trainer, Pulse generator, autotransformer, linear IC trainer & test kit, Microprocessor-based system Simulator Software, Function generator, Pulse code modulation transmitter & receiver kits, etc.

Structural Lab:
Models of plain and corrugated bulkheads, solid and bracket floor, Duct keel, Chain locker, Typical ship structure, Hawse pipe etc.

Computer Lab:
25 Nos. Pentium Computers, Server , Modem, printers etc.

Each department of workshop and laboratories has fully qualified and experienced Training Instructors and Assessors.

Workshop/Afloat Training

Practical training is also provided in the workshops and yards of Goa Shipyard Ltd., Western India Shipyard Ltd.and Marine Electrical Agencies. Afloat training is provided on ships under construction or repairs at these yards, and also on transhippers M.V. Orissa, M.V. Royal Sesa, M.V. Vishal Hira and in Mormugao Harbour. Training on Transhippers is a unique feature of the training.

The transhippers are available to the trainees all the time as their movement is restricted within the Port area. The transhippers are basically seagoing ships fitted with special cargo handling equipment to transfer iron ore from barges into large bulk carriers, anchored outside the breakwaters in deep waters. These are fully functional and operational ships. These ships carry all the normal certificates as required under MS act for large vessels, and are subject to all the surveys by MMD and Classification Societies.

The trainees actually get to carry out maintenance routine on Main Engine, Generators and all other auxiliary machinery. By the end of their training, they are fully familiar with all the operating systems in the Engine room, overhauling of generators, pumps, compressors, purifiers etc. and are capable of performing these jobs. They trace the pipelines and become familiar with all the ship’s systems.

Trainees also board upto 200 modern ships a year at our new training centre’s Adani Mormugao Port terminal Pvt Ltd, and  Jindal South West Port Ltd.

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